Soft Phone vs Physical Phone

UPDATE: AUG 24,2009

Well, we implemented the new IP phone system – complete with softphones for everyone. As I expected there were some issues and some users that had difficuly with the transition but all in all it was a complete success.

There are however, some issues I still need to overcome.

1. Using the speakerphone on a laptop/desktop is not very good – lots of feedback, even with the MIC turned down.

2. Single Number reach only works (i think) when the softphone is turned on….. Although on one occation is seemed to work when my Laptop was powered down… More testing required.

3. Using you keyboard to dial is not really and issue until you get have to dial a phone number that has been published as a word – for example 1-800-555-TEST – try finding the “T” when you don’t have the number pad in front of you.

4. Some users still have an issue with not having a handset….


Original Post

This is just a piece from an internal planning session discussing the viability of using softphones throughout the organization…. I thought it was interesting because all the people I talked to when discussing this fell right in to my stereotype….. The young and technical were looking forward to the softphones – the older and less technical were dead set against it. Those older but technical and the younger non-technical were right in the middle, not really sure….


Soft Phone Culture

Do you really need a handset? Some would say yes, but it is really a comfort level and nothing more. Provided the technology is reliable and of good quality, there should be nothing stopping us from the culture shock of soft phone technology. My general feeling is that it will be widely accepted by the younger generation and the technically savvy within the organization. The folks that will most likely have the most difficulty are the older and less technical users.

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