Conservative Email

This morning my inbox contained a “personalized” email from Doug Finley the Director of Political Operations of the Conservative Party of Canada. This email stated that the Liberals were actively promoting anti-Conservative attack ads and that my special one time contribution to the Conservative Party would help defend the party and our Prime Minster Stephen Harper from the Liberal attack machine.

This in itself was not offensive to me as I would rather receive an email then get an unsolicited phone call while I’m having dinner. What I do take exception to is that there is no ability to respond to Doug Finley directly. The email comes from the address donate@conservativefund.caand Doug Finleys signature contains no contact information.  Right at the bottom of the page there are a couple of links – Donate,  Website, Tax Rules, Unsubscribe etc. but no Contact button, no respond link…

When I did go to the web site there is a Contact us button that requires your full name, address, phone number, email etc. So if I would like to respond to this propaganda I must divulge all of my information, but their email to me contains nothing but Doug Finleys name.

The second half of the email was the same letter, but in French. This immediately takes what appeared to be a personalized letter into the realm of SPAM. I could even argue that it is a Phishing email, as if I do contribute I have no doubt that the money would not be put to good use of benefit me in any way.

The Conservative parties attempt to gain popularity in the way that the Obama team did during his campaign by using the WEB has backfired, at least on me. Let me be clear, if you are going to ask me to donate don’t put a French letter in with the English letter – know who your sending to and personalize it. Give me some form of contact so that I can ask questions on how my money may be used. Learn to use the WEB to your advantage, because all you have done today is pissed me off.

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