Load Balancing

Load Balancing is a term used often to talk about how, with 2 or more internet connections, you can balance the load of your data. More often than not Load Sharing or Traffic Splitting is the term that would correctly describe what is being done. Load Balancing is achievable – but its not always easy. Certainly traffic from your internal network to the Internet can be load balanced, but careful what you ask for as there are different load balancing algorithms – each with its own challenges.

Inbound load balancing is not so easy and I would argue not even desirable for most organizations… I’m not talking about multi billion dollar organizations with Web servers distributed globally, I’m talking about the average organization that would like an always on Internet presence.

Our most effective method or providing load balancing is using Cisco ISR routers and enabling a number of features such as HSRP, CEF, IP SLA, Policy Routes and Floating Static Routes. When configured correctly these features can give you an excellent no cost method of achieving load balancing for your outbound traffic.

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