Reporting Engine Upgrade

End to End has dedicated its 18 years in existence to providing exceptional Network Management to organizations of all sizes. About 8 years ago we embarked on a journey to develop a Portal that would allow us to manage networks more effectively. initially for our own technical staff, but it quickly became evident that customers needed this level of access to information as well.

As the “eVeiw” portal has evolved it has become an entire network management system and customers enjoy the benefit of this Network Management System without the capital purchase of an HP open view, Solar Wins, Whats Up Gold, Tivoli and the likes.

Our recent addition of protocol Breakdown reports has been long-awaited and will help our staff and customers troubleshoot and plan more effectively. These easy to configure and easy to read reports, available in graphical, tabular and Excel format display protocol information on any interface over any period of time. While reports have a granularity of 1 minute intervals, multi-day and multi month graphs can also be created that show averages, maximums and minimums. Like all reports that we create, you are able to drill down into each report to get the more granular data.  An example is shown below.

What makes this different from all the other reporting engines out there?

No Hardware Probes or Collectors, No Software (just your Web Browser), No setup (We do that) and No capital investment. What you do need is a secure VPN tunnel to our datacentre….

The recent enhancements to our polling engine that allowed us to build this new report, opens the door for just about any type of report you can think of. If we can get the information out of the device, we can build a report around it.

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