The Difference between Support and Exceptional Support

I often get asked, by both our CEO and Prospective Customers, what makes us different in the very competitive world of network management? Let me start by saying that in the old days (7 or 8 years ago) we didn’t need to answer that question, as we  really didn’t have any competition. Whenever I am asked this question,  the first thing that comes to mind is not always what my CEO wants me to say, but I always stick to my guns… When a customer calls us for Tech Support, they get a Network Specialist – not a Ticket Taker. That very first touch is often the same person that fixes whatever problem our customer has.  That is not to say that the problem, whatever it is, is solved immediately. Sometimes the issue needs to be escalated. Again, the difference here is that the escalation path is never a blind transfer.

Nothing infuriates me more that giving a tech all of my info, email, company, address, phone number etc. and then being passed on to the next technician that asks me for the exact same info… Or how about the system that asks you to enter your customer number, phone number etc. and then when you get through to someone they ask you the same info again.

When we escalate to the next level, there is always consultation between the first level tech and the next level tech prior to the transfer.

To be perfectly honest, when my CEO asks this question I cringe, and not because I am scared of him, but no matter how hard I try, I believe that this is one of our main differentiators. There are others of course, we are flexible, we are very responsive and of course when you engage us the network specialist that designs your network is also the one who will be installing it….. Not like the others – once the solution is sold you will never see that Sales Engineer again.

Ah yes and then there are the Sales Engineers that are compensated based on their sales….. That is a scary thought, as there design will most likely be based on their comp. plan. These same Engineers will be very difficult to contact once you have signed on the dotted line…. Beware!!!

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