Do SMB’s really care about Green Data Centers?

I receive email after email, read white papers, forums and articles that all talk to “Green IT” and “The Green Data Center”. But who really cares? In my experience, it is only the VERY large organizations that pay any attention to this. That is not to say that Virtualization and Consolidation is not done in the Small and Medium Business world, of course it is, but not for the purposes of becoming greener. Becoming Greener is a by-product of Virtualization, not the reason to do it.

So why do so many articles spend so much time (and words) talking about Green IT? Does it really make that much of an impact? I have heard and read some outrageous statistics about the impact of IT on the environment, but really – lets talk about what IT has already saved in the environment.

1. The paperless office has never really come to reality, but guaranteed we use less paper than we use to.

2. Webinars and the Teleconference – how many trips has that saved us?

3. Video Conferencing is still in its early days but just think of the carbon savings with less business travel.

4. The smart phone evolution will also have an impact as we move away from credit cards and debit cards and start using these devices for transactions at the grocery store…We’re  not there yet but it’s comming….

5. Modeling – Before computers if you wanted to test an engine, or a new car design, you had to build it first. With simulation and modeling technology just think of how many failed prototypes were never built.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not against the Green movement, I just think that some people have to put it in perspective and look at the benefits of IT on the planet. So far I think there have been more positive benefits to the environment than the negative ones.

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