the Right People

Yes, it has been a while since my last post, but as we all know the end of summer is always a busy time. And does it matter anyway? How many bloggers are there out there and why would one read this blog over another? I can’t imagine anyone, other than maybe my Dad, actually thinking ‘ I wonder what Heath wrote about today?’….

The reason I bring this up is a book I read lately called “Made to Stick” that attempts to explain what ingredients are needed to make a point, argument or statement stick in the minds of others. I found the information in this book to be absolutely amazing and was really impressed with not just the ideas but the entire structure of the book.

I received a call this morning from yet another “telemarketer” or was it? It could have been a sales guy who got my name from some list and thought he would give it a go…. “Hi Heath, I just wanted to reach out and…” at this point I have to either listen to the entire spiel before saying no thank you or interrupt and say no thank you.

My first question to the telemarketer – Would you rather I cut you off before saying no thank you, or should I let you go on and on before I say no thank you?

My second question  – how many NO’s do I need to say before you will give up?

Third – If I say I am not interested, but you may call me back in a couple of months, do you put that in your prospect list as a 50% or more interest?

I think the effectiveness of Telemarketing is mostly based around the timing as was proved just a couple of weeks ago when I received a unsolitited call and at that moment I need that service – what a bonus, for both me and the caller.

End to End Networks have struggled with the whole getting the message out for quite some time. We have always relied on “word of mouth” and it has served us well for many many years. But we need to get the message out that we are better than the rest, that we have been doing this for a long time, that we have long-lasting relationships with our customers, vendors and suppliers…. Breaking it down into what makes us the best – All I ever come up with is that we the RIGHT PEOPLE………………………………………………….

1 thought on “the Right People

  1. Heath,

    This is a challenge for any organization. Making connections with prospective customers is tough especially if there is not an immediate need.

    Less than 20% of the time a buyer is “looking” and therefore more likely to respond to a relevant offer So the changes of your offer being bang on and the timing of their need in sync may be 5%.

    So, what do we do during the plus 80% of the time when buyers don’t need/want what we offer?

    My strategy is to be known as someone that readily gives information, insights and knowledge on the topic of B2B marketing and business development for high tech.

    When the time comes that someone needs my services my hope is I will be top of mind over my competitors.

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