One of the most annoying attributes of any solution or integration is when the vendors or suppliers start the finger-pointing process. Some are quick and I mean very quick to point the finger at the other guy, and maybe for good reason. Maybe they ran into that particular issue so many times and it is always the other guys fault.

I find,  mostly with carriers and I won’t name names, that the way in which they finger point is the most annoying. In a recent case, half way through my explanation of the issue the technician interrupted me and told me the problem was with the vendor’s equipment. Did he think he was talking to a moron? Does he really talk to that many morons? I was quick to set him straight, but the finger-pointing continued soon after….

So, I will fast forward to a  call by one of our staff to the vendor to report back that the carrier has indicated it is a problem with the vendor’s equipment. The Vendor listened a little longer than the carrier but the ultimate answer was the finger point back to the carrier.

I have been in this business long enough to know that the only solution to this is the following:

1. Call the carrier.

2. Call the Vendor.

3. Conference them together.

4. Say the following: ‘I neither provide the equipment or the circuit, you two on the other hand do provide the equipment and the circuit. So I don’t really care whose problem this is as long as it is fixed, so lets stop finger-pointing and work together to get to the bottom of this. ‘

I wish I could say that all the two become great friends and happily fix your (their) issue – well they don’t, but be strong…With your help they will get to the bottom of it eventually.

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