My Android Tablet

I purchased the ASUS Transformer TF101 (First Model) about a year ago. It was my entrance into the tablet market and I was already familiar with Android as I had been using a Samsung Nexus S phone for a while and was quite happy with it. Of course the novelty of a 10 inch screen was awesome, but as time went on I found my use of the tablet was becoming less and less. It wasn’t that I didn’t like the tablet – it was cool and I set up some cool live wallpapers and customized the home screen and got movies and music all set up. But I also had my phone, and it had all of the same apps and features and it was also always in my pocket and just plain easier to access.

Then I went out and got the accompanying keyboard. This was around the time that the Transformer Prime was out, but I had no intention of upgrading for no “real” advantage. With the keyboard the Tablet is just a little bit too thick, and a little bit too heavy. But guess what – I use it now more than ever. Why, you may ask? Well I’ll tell you and you may think the list is stupid, but it is the keyboard that actually makes the difference.

1. The Keyboard acts as a stand and allows me to put it on a table and view the screen at any angle, reducing the glare and getting it at an angle that is comfortable for me and anyone else I’m showing content to.

2. Having a “laptop” with a touchscreen is awesome – I use the touchscreen for everything – I do not use the Mouse/Trackpad – and I only use the keyboard to type.

3. Easier to hold the tablet comfortably with the keyboard attached.

4. Battery life that has gone beyond 2 days…

5. USB interface (but honestly I’ve never used it)

I know that the majority of these reasons are not why they built the detachable keyboard, but for me personally these are the things that have really enhanced my tablet experience.

So whats missing – Thinner and Lighter would be nice – other than that I cannot think of anything that would make this better…. Oh wait a minute. When I first bought the TF101 I posted a You Tube video complaining about the speakers/volume. That is by far the worst aspect of ASUS TF101  – I would hope they were able to fix that in subsequent product.

With the recent upgrade to ICS – I couldn’t be happier.

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