The End of our French River Muskie Fishing

I have been fishing the French River with a group of friends for 10 years straight. We know the River, or at least the part we fish very well. Well enough to have caught some nice fish over the years. Now, some years have been better than others and that is to be expected. Weather, the moon and luck all play a big roll in the success of any fisherman. Lure selection and colour also play a roll, but I would argue less of a role. The six of us fish hard, I’m talking 8 hours or more per day, with only a quick 1/2 hour lunch break. So we are looking at 48 Man hours a day over 7 days.

That’s 336 HOURS a Week.

We troll, we cast and between the six of us have a huge selection of lures in both size type and colour. We collectively know of over 30 good fish producing spots. We have caught fish in every size between 32 and 52 Inches.

So, every year the fishing gets better , Right?


At first we were confused. The last two years have been terrible. We have seen less and less fish every year.

On the last day of our unproductive week in October or 2013, we were trolling a spot we call “the wall”. This spot produces at least one fish per year, but this year nothing. We were tired and deflated and quite honestly I was ready to go home, when all of a sudden one of the rods went off. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ, finally we have one and its big….

Oh Wait, its a snag. Reeling in the snag was odd because it was really heavy, but it was coming up. Maybe its a tree, we thought. Across the sonar we could see this long line as we were reeling it up. What could it be?

A FISHING NET!!!!!! Really? Yes a long net, a very long net, attached to the land (dokis reserve) at one end.I wasn’t aware that was allowed anymore.

That was truly disappointing and although I love the placed we stayed at,  the people, the beautiful land, the scenery and the isolation, I’m afraid we are all fed up and are moving on to a place that will allow us to catch and release our fish, so that someone else can do the same another time.


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