Wireless Networking Challenges: Part 2

A few posts back I talked about some real world challenges in wireless deployments. You can read that here.

In a recent FCC ruling Marriott were “fined” $600,000 for intentionally blocking consumers that were inside their conference facilities. Read the story here.

I am sure Marriott had no idea they were violating the law. They just want to get an ROI for the Wireless infrastructure they built, but this goes to show how immature the world of wireless still is.

Cisco have a feature in their Wireless Lan Controllers (WLC) that allows it to send DEAUTH messages to users trying to connect to AP’s that the WLC believes are Rogue. If it is illegal to do this, then why is the feature available?

We are currently experiencing this issue with one of our customers and finding the AP or WLC that is sending the DEAUTH messages to our legitimate Wireless network is proving difficult. Essentially this is a Denial of Service (DoS) attack. And it seems to me that this problem is only going to get worse, as the number of Wireless devices is growing at a staggering rate and everyone will want their wireless networks to be free and clear of interference and unauthorized devices. Wireless is everywhere and it is here to stay. We are going to need to find some better ways of managing interference.

One mans Wireless Network is another mans Interference.

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