Our Cisco Cius finally pooched!

After about 3 1/2 years our Cisco Cius finally bit the dust. The Battery has expanded and popped our of the battery housing.

When I first did a review on it,  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPUfOHz7boc I was pleased with the quality of the phone itself, however it only ever ran Android 2.2 and was obsolete almost immediately. It locked up often and sometimes did not attach to the docking station correctly. It did not take Cisco long to take it off the market.

I am now using a DX650 that has a great quality touch screen and runs Andriod 4.1.1. After a while of use is slows down and makes it hard to even dial numbers. I just did a Firmware upgrade on it so I’m hoping that problem goes away. The screen itself does not detach from the phone, but unlike the Cius, this seems to work all of the time.

A couple of things still have me perplexed regarding the Jabber app on the phone, as it always has me as available even when my laptop is shut down. I’m not sure yet how multiple Jabber clients are handled by Cisco, as I also have it running on my cell phone. It would appear that I am always available….

2 thoughts on “Our Cisco Cius finally pooched!

  1. Cisco has removed firmware (cmterm-cius.9-2-1SEC.cop.sgn, cmterm-cius.9-2-3-143) from their download portal, Do you know where I can still get it ?

  2. It has been removed and is not longer available. I have several of these devices. I work for Cisco. Just to help clear up some stuff that is posted in various forums including Android Dev, The device is/was intel Atom. No you can not root it, you can not get to the boot loader by any standard means. There are zero plans for any further support or development and i doubt any code will ever be released due to the fact that it ties into several other tree’s and it would not be in the best interest of Cisco to release that. The product itself was a good concept that fell short came too late and did not deliver. The hardware build was very good , battery life was deplorable and the form factor was too small for “business” use as it took way too long to GTM. Personally I Think the hardware , Case , glass and build quality were excellent however the decision to go with the internals chosen was a mistake. The device is EOL and “most of the time” the EOL builds are still available if you look but in this case no, it has been removed even for us. In house these have been replaced with far more advanced devices that do a lot more. Cisco is also out of the consumer market so there will be no more tablets. IMO , that is a good thing the consumer products idea was off in left field. All that said, someone may have a copy floating out there some place but be warned that build had issues and there is a reason it was removed. Calls for a non supported product to TAC created circles of issues. :-/

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