Apple Vs Android


I have been reading a lot of posts lately around Apple vs Android and it strikes me as odd that there is so much anger out there.  Why can’t people like both for what they are.  I may like one over the other but I don’t really feel the need to bash one for copying the other.  Who really cares if Apple used others companies ideas, improved them and changed the market forever.  They were still the ones that did it,  and before anyone else.

My first smartphone was a HP ipaq that ran some terrible form of Windows, then I moved to the iPhone 3g.  Since then I have focused on Android, starting with the Nexus S,  then the Asus Transformer 101 tablet and now the HTC one phone…  I loved them all.

At the Cisco partner summit last week Cisco was generous enough give everyone a gift,  and we had a choice between the Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 or the Apple Ipad mini.  Since I had a 10 inch tablet already I thought I’d try the Ipad…

Smooth, easy to use, and very comfortable. I must say I like it and I use it quite often…

After my long trip home that included cancelled flights and long taxi rides,  I got home and wanted to  watch the hockey game.  I was so tired and could barely keep my eyes open so I decided to stream the game over the Internet and watch it on the Ipad in bed …

But alas, the CBC steams the game using Flash so the Ipad was useless. I booted up the old Asus TF101 and watched the hockey game until I fell asleep.

Apple have done some great things,  as has Google and Microsoft.  Long may this continue as I think it helps breed innovation, but what needs to happen next is the collaboration between all of these operating systems to take some of the incompatibilities out of it…  I call it kludgy, a word I use to describe many things in the emerging technology industry.


1. A system, especially a computer system, that is constituted of poorly matched elements or of elements originally intended for other applications.

2. A clumsy or inelegant solution to a problem.

I thought I’d see if I could get the Hockey updates on my HTC One and was surprised to discover that the HTC One does not support flash either.

The moral of my story…  They are all good,  but none are perfect.. In fact I think my next purchase may be a Windows Tablet..

A good argument on the merits of one technology other another is always healthy, and I welcome a good argument, but please people, stop hating the competition. iOS is a good OS and for the less technical out there it is probably the right choice. Android has many features and lots of customization, but needs a more savvy user, and Windows looks good and fits into many

peoples comfort zone. So let’s all embrace these Operating systems and find ways to make them all work together as opposed to crushing the other until they don’t exist. Now I didn’t mention RIM/Blackberry and that is not because I’m a hater or anything, it just didn’t cross my mind until now. What RIM did was rest on their laurels, instead of innovating or even copy catting. So they are not really top of mind for me or anyone. I guess nobody hates them because nobody cares….

In conclusion lets stop bashing the competition and support all the technologies that will help make us more efficient and bring us closer together…

iPhone vs Blackberry for the Business User

I am sure there have been many posts similar to this, but none have taken it from the perspective that I am about to take – MINE. Yes I may be biased towards one, but it will be your job to figure out which. Actually it shouldn’t be too hard as my opinions on the matter are strong and may come out as I type this out… but maybe not…

Let me start by saying the iPhone ROCKS….. Did I give it away too soon? Let me try a more subtle approach. The Blackberry SUCKS… Actually I don’t mean that at all, but I have given it away haven’t I? Being a Canadian I really should be a RIM advocate and being a PC user I really shouldn’t be an iPhone advocate, but my god, what an interface Apple has given us. Also being a Canadian I should be a Nortel fan, but I am not. Simply because I am Canadian does not mean I will support Canadian companies, as much as I’d like to, I cannot, when the products are inferior. Now don’t get all worked up over that, I was not talking about the BlackBerry, I was talking about Nortel.

Certainly the Blackberry’s physical keyboard has some advantages over the softboard of the iPhone and the filtering capabilities of the Backberry’s email are an advantage, but as far as I can tell that is where it all ends. Why else would RIM come out with the Storm???

Ah yes, there is also the battery life, which on the iPhone is not so good, but in this day and age, when do you not have access to power of some sort in a 10 hour period.

Now let’s talk about usability of both products in the business world. Certainly access to email is one of the most important aspects, and the BlackBerry has handled that quite well, but I have found that the “real” browser experience and the wealth of applications available for the iPhone has made my laptop almost obsolete, at least when I am on the road. Personally I have found the email capabilities on the iPhone excellent but that could be in the way that I use email as some of my BlackBerry collogues don’t want all their emails sent to their mobile device and they like to sort emails in ways other than the “most recently sent”. I read emails as they come in and try and respond immediately and if I can’t, mark it as unread and wait until I’m back at my laptop. This works well for me, but it may not be the way everyone else works. Perhaps these are things Apple is working on, I don’t know.

My biggest reason for being on board with the iPhone is that there is no integration software required to get it working with your Exchange server, if you have one. Simply set up Mobile access on exchange, open SSL on your firewall and presto, you have email, contacts and calendar. No BES servers, no licenses, no additional server administration and that’s the real bonus. So where does that leave us? With two products that are both amazing in their own ways, with lots of room for improvement from both RIM and Apple and with some really cool products that competitors are developing that may blow them both away….. I can’t wait for the future.